Marianne is an artist who expresses herself mainly in the fields of Fantasy and adventure, with occasional forays into Science Fiction. She is an Australian by birth (explains the Koala fixation, doesn't it?) and an American Resident by choice, since she married her husband, Bob Eggleton, in 1998 and moved to Rhode Island. Both are artists, and it makes for a very creative household filled with inspired chaos.
Marianne's art history started in Australia, where she honed her black and white illustration skills for fan magazines and sometimes advertising. In the meantime, she painted whatever ideas came to mind. Oil is her favorite medium, followed by Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil/Charcoal. For the past year though, Marianne has taken to using Alkyds because they dry faster than oils, while maintaining some of the joys of using oil paint. Branching out into other creative pursuits, Marianne has discovered the joys of sculpting. Super Sculpey is a favored medium and there have been great results in molding some of the sculptures and then casting them in resin. Her "Heartsong" sculpture was the recipient of a Chesley Award nomination in 2000. Currently, Marianne's work can be found gracing the covers of "Dreams of Decadence" Magazine, greeting cards from Milk & Honey Inc. and inside the "Mermaid and Dolphin" Oracle card deck from Hay House Inc.