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DARK FANTASY ~ Every one has a dark side. Like the rest of the world, vampires are fascinating luminous beings who inspire all kinds of romantic intrigue from ancient times to the present. I am not immune. So be welcome to the velvet darkness

FAIRIES ~ You'll see as you scroll through the images on this website, that my work tends to run in series. I get oodles of ideas on some subjects, so there are times when I just keep painting them and see where it leads to. 1992 to 1994 was one of these runs where, every so often, I'd do a fairy painting just for the hell of it.

MINIKIN WORLD ~ Everyone really deserves a little world of his or her own ­ and this is mine. The Minikin universe is populated by little green dragons and their, equally small, saurian cousins. It wouldn't be complete without some very clever environmentally protective bears of mixed varieties. Check out the gallery and read their history - it's still being written in the stars.

KOALAS ~ Okay. They're cute and fluffy. 'nuff said. Oh, alright - the truth then. In 2000, I got so burned out that I just couldn't bring myself to paint for a while. Well, I wanted to paint something though, so I thought 'Koala's are harmless and undaunting' (well, at least till you've met one in the wild that is), 'why don't I paint them in some fantasy situations?' That's it. In a nutshell. I wanted to paint something uncomplicated, cute and fluffy. Maybe it's a girl thing

SCULPTURE ~ I took this up seriously two years ago, after spending years creating little saurians for my Minikin world in colored Fimo. Since then, I have graduated to more elaborate creations. Here is a step by step procedure of how some of these latest inspirations were formed, and from what idea they leapt from.

GODDESS FANTASY ~ I love mythology and fantastic stories, and from one inspiration or another (book, film, conversation, etc) I'll see an image in my mind. From some of these came the Goddess paintings, in no particular order or series.

SKETCHES ~ Here you will find sketches that I have done over the years. Some are pre-sketches for paintings you will find in other galleries at this site, others are ideas that never took off or I haven't elaborated on yet. So many paintings, so little time

MERMAIDS ~ Ever dream of the open sea? Swimming with dolphins? The silences the; endless realm of blue; the huge expanses of just 'being'? Some of the most romantic adventures and legends are set in and around the sea. My mermaid paintings reflect that mystic yearning in my soul. I really would like to go on a journey with the dolphins ­ in this era or the next.

FANTASY ~ Here are all the other fantasy paintings that don't fit in anywhere else. Media indulgences I've concocted over the years and just plain flights of fancy from my own imagination. Well, maybe not 'plain'....

CELEBRITY SKETCH ~ I have this bound sketch book that has turned into a glorified autograph book somehow. I don't collect autographs or autographed photos as such, but to celebrate a treasured personal moment, I started sketching my fave celebs' and then getting them to sign their page. It has now become an institution when I go to conventions as just a fan.